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Sponsors and Advertising

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring us.  We have been so focused on expanding our product range, widening our audience and optimizing our landing pages that we have not had a chance to create any cookie cut offerings for Sponsors.  Whatever proposal or idea you have, just let us know and we will get back to you ASAP.  If you have already crafted an offer then send it through for our consideration and we will let you know if it’s workable or not.



What are your advertising rates?

We are simply opening this up to for suggestions. As we have not considered possible scenarios yet, you’re welcome to send us your proposal.

What are your restrictions for advertisers?

Admittedly we do have a very high bar of entry. We strictly will not promote anything connected to pornography, hate-speech, political movements, religion or gambling. Furthermore, your product must be both related-to and helpful to parents in some way. If in doubt, send us an email describing your product and offer. The worst that can happen is that we may politely decline :)

What Countries will you be launching to in future?

We have now in the process of launching to the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. We are also in the process of planning a global launch, focusing predominantly on every Western Country. If your product/service is only relevant to certain Countries and/or demographics then we will use our highly-advanced targeting software to only display your ads to viewers that match your criteria.

What types of marketing are you leveraging?

We are rapidly scaling up to leverage every powerful method of marketing ranging from social media to viral marketing.

What languages do you cater for?

Aside from English (obviously) we will be translating our site, products, promotional materials and all connected offerings into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Arabic. If there’s a Country/language that you want to launch to but is not listed here (and if you’re committed to launch) then we would be happy to translate our site into the language of your choice.

Is this site mobile friendly?

Yes it is 100% mobile friendly, please check for yourself. Not only that, but our developers have worked tirelessly to ensure that our site is fully responsive on all screen resolutions and across all device types. As a result -unlike most websites, we don’t lose visitors due to performance bugs across any major browsers. Our site boasts high-quality, clean WC3 Valid code in accordance with the highest standards. We personally guarantee that every function on our website has flawless execution and is free from performance bugs. If you ever find any kind of glitch on our site then let us know and our development team will jump on it immediately.

Where on your site can we advertise?

The sky is the limit. We are very open minded and willing to consider any suggestions. Let us know your thoughts on how we could work together.

How do I find out more?

Simply drop us an email with your questions/concerns and we will get back to you ASAP!



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