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REPORT AN ISSUE. We strive to constantly improve our quality of service, and to provide you with the highest quality products, therefore -if you have seen an error on our site, or with any aspect of our business operations- please let us know so we can address the matter immediately.




If I have a problem with your product/service, what do I do?

Thank you for taking the time to report the issue to us. We are on the look-out for problems with our products or service so we can constantly improve EduPLAYtion. Please describe the issue you’re experiencing in the simplest way so we can get right onto resolving it without delay.

What kind of issues can I report?

We’re always working to improve every aspect of our products and service, so please report any issue at all that you experience during your time dealing with us, viewing our site and/or using our products.

How will you handle my report?

We take every report very seriously, so we will be sure to give your report the respect and full-attention that it deserves.

Will you reply regarding my report?

If you request an update on your report -and if we deem it to be appropriate- then we will make a note to keep you updated on the status of your report.

Can I report anonymously?

Yes definitely! If you do not wish your name to be connected to your report then simply insert the word ‘Friend’ in the name-field.



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