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Affiliates & Marketers

Affiliates & Marketers

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our Affiliates.  We are now optimizing our Affiliate Marketing Launch for maximum effectiveness upon release.  If you want to add to our momentum by securing a spot to promote our products, then simply leave your basic details below so we can send you the invite once we have made our finishing touches!



What commission will you be paying?

On physical products we pay around 30% of our total NET profits, which equates to a commission rate of 10% of the transaction value. For digital products we pay between 30% - 50% of the transaction value.

What will be the cookie duration?

For our first 100 Affiliates we will honor LIFETIME cookie duration. Each additional affiliate will receive a 90 day cookie-duration.

How reliable will your tracking be?

We will be using a highly reputable Affiliate Networks including JVZoo, Shareasale and CJ.

What’s your conversion rate?

We’re constantly optimizing our landing pages, product pages, offers and upsells so our conversion rate is subject to change, but it usually ranges between 11% – 23%.

Do you have continuity / recurring billing?

Yes in-deed.

Do you have upsells?

Absolutely, we would not bother launching without them.

Is this site mobile friendly?

Yes it is 100% mobile friendly, please check for yourself. Not only that, but our developers have worked tirelessly to ensure that our site is fully responsive on all screen resolutions and across all device types. As a result -unlike most websites, we don’t lose visitors due to performance bugs across any major browsers. Our site boasts high-quality, clean WC3 Valid code in accordance with the highest standards. We personally guarantee that every function on our website has flawless execution and is free from performance bugs. If you ever find any kind of glitch on our site then let us know and our development team will jump on it immediately.

What will be the requirements to join?

All you need is a white-hat marketing method and a bank account, then you’re good to go!

Will you provide Affiliate Tools?

We certainly will provide the complete range of Affiliate tools, promotional material and marketing creatives.

Can you customize promotional materials for us?

Yes, if you’re committed to a certain promotion and your audience is large then we would be happy to custom design any kind of promotional material to perfectly suit your needs.

What languages will you be catering for?

Aside from English (obviously) we will be translating our site, products, promotional materials and all connected offerings into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Arabic. If there’s a Country/language that you want to launch to but is not listed here (and if you’re committed to launch) then we would be happy to translate our site into the language of your choice.

What’s my next step?

All you need to do is tell us where to send the Alert once we’re about to launch our Affiliate Program. We will surely send you the signup link as soon as we have the green light to launch!



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